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Vol 2006 no 1

Vol 2006 No 1


Stress and Fatigue in Foreign Language Professionals: Implications for Global Security

James A. McCubbin, June J. Pilcher, Thomas W. Britt, Thomas Wallsten.

The Role of Prejudice in the Lack of Effective Response by Western Governments to Refugees in Developing Countries: A Threat to Achieving Human and Global Security

Portia D. Rawles

The Quest for Oil in the New World Order

Rudy Soliz

The interface of global migrations, local English language learning, and identity transmutations of the immigrant academician

Charles B. Hutchison, Lan Quach, and Greg Wiggan

Security, Access, Intellectual Freedom: Achieving Balance in a Global World

June Abbas

Criminal Justice

The Technique Of Terrorism

James S. Albritton

Being Black, or Being a Cop: The Problem of Race in American Law Enforcement

Terrance A. Johnson

Is Modern Crime too Complicated for the Modern Jury?

Bryan A. Ward

Victimless Prosecution Of Domestic Violence In The Wake Of Crawford V. Washington.

Andrew Fulkerson and Shelly L. Patterson

Lex Sportiva: Thoughts Towards a Criminal Law of Competitive Contact

Christo Lassiter

Successful Aging

Chronic Pain in Cognitively Impaired Elderly: Challenges in Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Paula Siciliano

Exercise Testing and Prescription in the Enhancement of Physiologic and Overall Well Being in the Older Adult

Ellen L. Glickman, Tiffany A. Collinsworth, and Leigh Murray

Bilingual Education

Re-examining ESL Programs in Public Schools: A Focus on Creole-English Children’s Clause-Structuring  Strategies  in Written Academic Discourse

Arlene Clachar

Bilingualism, Cultural Transmutation, and Fields of Coexistence:  California’s Spanish Language Legacy

Sara Garcia

The Acoustic Properties of Vowels: A Tool for Improving Articulation and Comprehension of English

Candalene J. McCombs

Adult Second Language Reading in the USA: The Effects of Readers’ Gender and Test Method

Cindy Brantmeier

Perspective Taking in Language Learning and Teaching

Allison H. Hall


Stay Smart: Lost Weight: Childhood Obesity and Health Education

Linda Kosa-Postl

International Iodine Deficiency

L. Preston Mercer

The Social Relations of Food

Christopher Wilkes

Calories and Longevity: Do They Really Matter?

Kendra J. Golden

Dry Edible Beans:  Indigenous Staple and Healthy Cuisine

Mark A. Uebersax

The Grain Chain: Consumption Of Whole Grain Foods And Their Many Links To Disease Prevention

Patricia Smith

Women’s Rights

Abbas Raptus : Exploring Factors that Contribute to the Sexual Abuse of Females in Rural Mormon Fundamentalist Communities

Janet Bennion

Women’s Roles and Strengths in Times of Family and Community Stress

Julia Malia

Factors That Contribute To, and Constrain, Conversations Between Adolescent Females and Their Mothers About Sexual Matters

Kimberlee S. Schear

The Role of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in the Maintenance of the Subjugation of Women:  Implications for the Training of Future Mental Health Professionals

Ann M. Lazaroff

Reflections on the Current Status of Women in American Higher Education

Lillian Robbins & Edwin Robbins

A Biblical World View in Support of the Worth of Women’s Work

Rosemarie Scotti  Hughes

Invisible, Mysterious, and Inconsequential:The Absence of Women in 2004 Presidential Campaign Coverage

Therese L. Lueck

Child Psychology

A Critical Analysis of the Child and Adolescent Wellness Scale (CAWS)

Alandra Weller-Clarke

Integrating Culture into Education: Self-Concept Formation in Alaska Native Youth

Allan Morotti


Islamic Schools in America: Islam’s Vehicle to the Future?

Hussam S. Timani

Roger Williams: Pioneer on America’s Journey towards Religious Liberty

Virginia C. Barfield

Beyond Darwin :Systems Dynamics Issues in Adaptation and Speciation

Jon C. Cawley

Knowledge of and Attitudes Toward Evolution in a Population of Community College Students

Patricia Flower

Self and Other: Tensions within Modern Liberal Individualism and Moral Education

R. Steven Harrist and Frank C. Richardson

A Perspective:  Organizational and Procedural Norms and the Authority of the Magisterium in the Catholic Church

Gloria A. Kalbfleisch 

Theology for Citizenship: How a Catholic College in the Augustinian Tradition Prepares Citizens to Transform Society

Joseph T. Kelley

Science and Religion in Colonial America: The Early Days

Bruce Kirk Oldfield

Some Eighteenth Century Views Of The Relationship Of Science To Religion

Richard M. Riss

Bridging The Gap Between Science And Faith Through Environmental Studies: Theoretical Considerations And Implications For Environmental Policy And Practice
Paul W. Brandt-Rauf

The Dutch Dilemma & American Divide: The Challenge of Exclusivist Religions to Pluralistic States, and Contemporary Education

Christopher Parr

Darwin versus Intelligent Design in US Courts: Does Teaching Intelligent Design in Biology Classes Violate the US Constitution?

Patricia T. Bradt

Is Science To Blame For The Intelligent Design Debate?

Aaron W. Johnson, Kevin P. Jansen, and Matthew J. Maurer

Special Education and Theories of Education

The Project Approach: An Appreciation for the Constructivist Theory

Pamela R. Cook

From the Trenches: Secondary Content Teachers and IEP, Inclusion Students

Jan Ginger

The impact of IDEA 04 and NCLB on speech and language related services: How do we meet the challenges

Jennifer Means

Special Education: Examining the impact of poverty on the quality of life of families of children with disabilities

Regina L. Enwefa, Stephen C. Enwefa and Robert Jennings


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