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Vol 2015 no 2

Critical Issues


A School Based Intervention for Combating Food Insecurity and Promoting Healthy Nutrition in a Developed Country Undergoing Economic Crisis:  A Qualitative Study

Dalma A, Institute of Preventive Medicine Environmental and Occupational Health, Athens, Greece


Redemption and Human Trafficking:  The Role of the Church in Addressing the Modern Slave Trade

Michael Fletcher, Senior Pastor, Manna Church, Daid Choi, Professor of Leadership, Grace College of Divinity


Higher Education Plays Critical Role in Society:  More Women Leaders Can Make a Difference

Leah Jackson Teague, JD, Associate Dean and Professor of Law, Baylor University School of Law


Deferred Prosecution and Corporate Criminal Prosecution:  A Comparative Analysis

Walter P. Loughlin, K&L Gates LLP


Ebola Outbreak, Discourse and Policy

Dr. Chinyere Ogbonna-McGruder, Austin Peay State University, Professor, Public Management


Exploring Ethics with Contemporary Communications

Joyce G. Webb, Harbin Institute of Technology Graduate School, Shenzhen, China


Childhood Education and Issues


Teaching Through Narrative

Fraser Douglas Hannam, Charlton Christian College, Director of Teaching and Learning, Australia


Teaching Content Area Literacy in Informal Learning Environment

Heather A. Kenny, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Edinboro University, Department of Early Childhood and

Reading, United States


Digital decisions:  Educators, caregivers and parents must be well informed when making decisions about children’s use of technology and media

Stephanie Puckett Pepper, Assistant Professor, Arkansas Tech University


Global Initiatives for Early Childhood Care and Education:  Global Guidelines and Global Guidelines Assessment

Mary Barbara Trube, Professor, Ohio University-Chillicothe, Ohio, United States


Global Guidelines and Global Guidelines Assessment

Manifestations of Namibian Boy’s Underachievement in Education

Prof. Roderick F. Zimba, Professor of Education, University of Namibia


Conceptions of Childhood in the Educational Philosophies of John Locke and John Dewey

Gregory Lewis Bynum, Associate Professor, School of Education, SUNY New Paltz




Violence and Women’s Human Rights Violations:  The Case of Honor Killings, Wartime Sexual Violence Against Women and Sex Trafficking in parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East

Shaheen Ayubi, Ph.D, Lecturer, Rutgers University, Camden, New Jersey, United States and Bradley J. Honsinger, 4 year Baccalaureate Senior, Rutgers University, Camden Honors College

Medieval Japanese Empresses and their role in spreading Buddhism in Japan in VI-VII cc.

Elena Lepekhova, Doctor of Philosophy, Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow


Nocturnal History of our Lady of the Slash-Knife, Brazil

John C. Dawsey, University of São Paulo, Brazil


Strategic Silences:  Theorising 19th Century Slavery and Sexual Desire in the Central Sudan

Hauwa Mahdi, Academic/Lecturer, School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg, Sweden


Catholic Church in Poland in the Face of Modernity (Discourse Analysis)

Marzena Makuchowska, Opole University (Poland), Assistant Professor Faculty of Philology, Poland

Russia, Dugin, and Traditionalism in Poitics:


Political and Theological Placement of The Fourth Political Theory

John Cody Mosbey, The University of Dublin, Trinity College

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