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Vol 2011 no 2

Global Conflict

Nationality, Religion and Immigration: We Are All Children of Babel

Judge Bruce J. Einhorn (ret.), Professor of Law and Director, Asylum and Refugee Law Clinic, Pepperdine University School of Law

United States Occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq: A Hindrance to Combating Global TerrorismKema Irogbe, Professor of Political Science, Claflin University

Religious, Civic, and Interpersonal Capital: Catholic Sisters in One Community’s Response to Migrant Families

Meg Wilkes Karraker, Professor of Sociology, Women’s Studies, and Family Studies, and Family Business Center Fellow, University of St. Thomas

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: Human Rights and Immigration

Richard H. Morgan, School of Social Welfare, Stony Brook University

The Effects of Redistributive Conflicts on Immigrants

Marcella Myers, Assistant Professor, Political Science, Andrews University

Moral Obligation and Social Rationality of Government: The Affordable Care Act

Timothy C. Okeke, Chair, Department of Social Work/Director of Social Work Program, Livingstone College

Nativism, Immigration and the Latinization of America

Guadalupe San Miguel Jr., Professor, History Department, University of Houston


Images of Environmental Disaster: Information and Ontology

Charles Bonner, Department of Philosophy, Providence College

Evolution and the Goal of Environmentalism

John H Dreher, Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Southern California

Frank Lloyd Wright and Our Attitude toward Nature

Theresa Grupico, Lecturer, Department of Art and Design, Monmouth University

Ideological impacts upon environmental problem perception

Jeff William Justice, Ryan Cheek, and Brandon Buckman

Energy Consequences and Conflicts across the Global Countryside: North American Agricultural Perspectives

Simona L. Perry, Dickinson College

Women’s Studies

Women and Leadership: Transforming VIsions and Current Contexts

Jean Lau Chin, Professor, Adelphi University

Religious Freedom and Section 116 of the Australian Constitution: Would a Banning of the Hijab or Burqa Be Constitutionally Valid?

Anthony Gray, Associate Professor, University of Southern Queensland

Women’s Leadership in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics: Barriers to Participation

Laura McCullough, Department Chair, Physics Department, University of Wisconsin-Stout

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