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Vol 2010 no 4


Iran and Nuclear Terrorism

Shaheen Ayubi

Religious roots of terrorism: Perceptions of God playing out in world politics

Johannes Hendrik Coetzee

On Becoming a Terrorist:  The Transformation of Human and Moral Agency

Phyllis M. Curtis-Tweed

The contemporary ways of waging a war on terrorism: The case of the USA, the EU and the UN

Piotr Czachorowski

Prosecuting Alien Terrorists: Balancing National Security with Due Process for Alleged Terrorists

Daniel T. Gillespie and Alex Devience

Who is the Culprit? Terrorism and its Roots: Victims (Israelis) and Victims (Palestinians) in Light of  Jacques Derrida’s Philosophical Deconstruction and Edward Said’s Literary Criticism

Husain Kassim

A psycho-epistemological analysis of terrorist and anti-terrorist moral deliberation

Chogollah Maroufi

Fear and Loathing: The Rhetoric of Fear-Inducing Terrorism

Paul K. Peterson

Effective Engagement in Anti-Terrorism Starts Within: Quest for a Well-Informed Public

Cheng-chih Wang


Psychology and Religion: Are They Compatible?

William Franklin Evans

Toleration as a Concept: Paradoxical or Practicable?

Tonya E. Lee, Ministry Director, There’s Hope Ministries

Spiritualization, de-spiritualization and re-spiritualization: Questions from an ‘evolution-of-consciousness’ perspective

Martin Lockley

Religion Policy and the Faith-Based Initiative: Navigating the Shifting Boundaries between Church and State

Michael D. McGinnis

The Bible and the Death Penalty

George A. Schiering

Tolerance and Subjection in Native American Religious Practices

Daniel P. Zielske, Music & Anthropology Instructor, South Central College

Social Justice

Poverty and Political Empowerment Local Citizen Political Participation as a Path toward Social Justice in Nicaragua

Leslie E. Anderson

Dismantling Rape Culture around the World: A Social Justice Imperative

Pamela R. Fletcher

Measuring and Understanding Poverty: Contributions of Community-Based Participatory Research

Richard H. Morgan

Beyond Juridical Abstraction: Poverty in a World Of Plenty

Kunirum Osia

Labour And ‘The Wealth Of Nations’

David H. Plowman and Chris Perryer

Re-thinking Poverty in a Time of Crisis

John A. Powell

The Link between Poverty, the Proliferation of Violence and the Development of Traumatic Stress Among Urban Youth in the United States to School Violence: a Trauma Informed, Social Justice Approach to School Violence

Portia D. Rawles

Child Judicial Conferences: Making an Impact with Children in Dependency Court

Diane L. Scott, Mark D. Olson and Joseph R. Herzog

Welfare Reform Disparities: Is Economic Fairness and Productivity Possible?

Wendy Slone

Rotten Outcomes:  How Impoverished Neighborhoods Influence the Life Trajectories of Children in the United States

Paul D. Steele

The Mass Marketing of Inequality: Perpetuating Female Subservience One Schema at a Time

Linda Steiner

Breaking Bonds, Actualizing Possibility:  Schools as Community Hubs of Social Justice

Pat Williams-Boyd

Redress and the Salience of Economic Justice

Eric K. Yamamoto and Brian Mackintosh

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