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Vol 2008 no 1

Vol 2008 no 1




Who is Safe in This Harbor? Rethinking Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act

T. Barton Carter


Synopolies: The use of cryptographic technologies to impede competition in multiple jurisdictions

Lucy Cradduck, Adrian McCullaghb and William Caelli


Public Policy Issues Surrounding Online University Courses

Georgia L. Holmes


Identity Crime: The Need for an Appropriate Government Strategy

Rodger Jamieson, Lesley Land, Greg Stephens, and Donald Winchester


Speech Deposit: Systematic Approach to Free Speech and Responsibility

Hideki Kakeya


Disconnecting Child Pornography on the Internet: Barriers and Policy Considerations

Rebecca Ayers Loftus


The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act:  An Effective Tool for Prosecuting Criminal and Civil Actions in Cyberspace

Vicki M. Luoma Luoma


The Aesthetics of Online Privacy: Do We Communicate Context Through Interface Design?

J. Richard Stevens


The times they are a-changin’ (every six months)–The challenges of regulating developing technologies

Dan Jerker Börje Svantesson


“In the Danger: Self Censorship, The Propaganda Model, and The Saving Grace.”

David L. Watson


Catch Me if You Can: A Taxonomically Structured Approach to Cybercrime

Dr. Lynne Yarbro Williams




The Intersection of School Desegregation and Economic Globalization in America

Frank Brown


Protecting the Vulnerable from the Vulnerable: Child Protection and Diversity

 Michael Cormier


Differentiation and Diversity in practising public policy – hindrance or possibility?

 Agneta Hedblom


Diversity – a challenge to the Scandinavian care regime?

Stina Johanesson and Katarina Andersson


Race, the Enduring Power of an Illusion in a “Color-Blind” Society

Robert D. Thompson, Jr.




The responsible corporation syndrome

Ádám Angyal


Expanding Citizens' Democratic Participation as the Context for Earning the Public's Trust

Majid Behrouzi


Socially responsible future businesspeople: Is there a road map?

Eleonora Karassavidou and Niki Glaveli


Creating Ethical Environment and Restoring Trust: Bridging the Skill Value Gap

Satendra Kumar


Strategies for Improving Ethical Behaviors in Organizations

Gabriel Omolewu


Ethical transparency and government regulation in Canada's medical Research industry

Geoffrey Poitras and Lindsay Meredith


Rethinking the Moral Agenda Within American Foreign Policy: Lessons From Niebuhr, Huntington, and the Japanese Experience

Paul Sukys


The Benevolent Legal Ethic of Adam Smith Merges with Nobel Laureate R.H. Coase’s Benevolent Legal Ethic

Dr. Charles S.V. Telly


Trust within Organizations – Benefiting from Demographic Changes by Fostering Intra-Organizational Trust

Sven Voelpel andEric Kearney


“Individual and Institutional Impediments to Ethics:

Making Ethical Decisions under Risk, Threat, and Stress”

Donald T. Wargo, Norman A. Baglini and Katherine A. Nelson


Overcoming Cynicism Amidst Ethical Lapses in American Government and The News Business

Clint Wilson




International Considerations in Libel Jurisdiction

Sandy Davidson


Social Psychology of Culture and Ethnic Populations:  The Impact of Global Warming on Social Change within Culture and Ethnicity

Kathleen G. Hundley


Federalism, Intergovernmentalism, and Intelligence: The Future of Cooperation in the European Union

Kenneth J. Ryan




Physical activity for persons with obesity – a health project reported

Eva A. Andersson, Staffan Hultgren;  Johnny Nilsson; Kristjan Oddsson; Hedvig Olin; Leif Strand;  Lina Wahlgren; Ingemar Wedman Orjan Ekblom


Obesity and Cancer: How Understanding the Connection Early Can Have an Impact on Prevention

Alok Bhushan Bhushan

James C.K Lai


Addressing the panic about ‘obesity’: Policy to protect health

Jenny Carryer


Adult Disease Induction and Life Course Events: Some Perspectives from a Resource-compromised Economy

Charles Osayande Eregie


Obesity in the Lower Socio-Economic Status Segments of American Society

Randall F. Gearhart, Dennis M. Gruber, David F. Vanata


Drifting Away from Nature: The Cost of Convenience

Kendra Golden


Swedish Experiences of Measures for Better Integration and Public Health

Kirsti Kuusela


Obesity Among Children and Adolescents in US Schools

Evelyn Reid


Obesity and Cardiovascular Diseases: The Risk Factor in African Diets

Folake Samuel and Tola Atinmo


Aging Well Through Long-Standing Social Occupation:A Closer Look at Social Participation and Quality of Life in a Sample of Community-Dwelling Older Adults

Regena G. Stevens-Ratchford


Everyday Well-Being in Connection with Health in Immigrant Families with Children  – A Study on the Everyday Life of Families with Russian Background in Finland

Maritta Törrönen,


Substance Abuse


Tackling endemic substance abuse among Indigenous Australians: the contribution of values- based family empowerment education

Komla Tsey


Teaching English


Macro- Language Policy And Planning And Lack Of Proficiency In Language Learning And Use By Nigerian Students

Wale Adegbite


Developing Socio-Political Active Teachers: A Model for Teacher Professional Development

Karen Cadiero-Kaplan and Elsa S. Billings


Spanish-English or English-Spanish in California: The Dialectics of Language in a Sociocultural Historical Context

Sara Garcia


The South African English Language Scene Within a Global Holographic Triadic Context

Rosemary Gray


Educational Decisions about the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Students under the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act

Amee P. Shah


Reflections on EFL Proficiency Requirements in the Business Context:

Towards Bilingualism in Professional Education in Finland

Taina Helena Vuorela


Women’s Rights


Individualism as a Solution for Gender Equality in Japanese Society in Contrast to the Social Structure in the United States

Itsuko Dohi and Marjaneh M. Fooladi


Positioning Women, Mental Health and Depression on Canadian Health Care Agendas.

Donna Marie Eansor


Gender Perspectives: The Key to Understanding Equality and Justice

Marjaneh M. Fooladi and Itsuko Dohi


Watch that gap: reflections on the struggle for equality

Lekkie Hopkins


Gender Equality and the Economic Empowerment of Women

Margaret A. McLaren


Obstacles to Gender Parity in Engineering Education

Marta Rohatynskyj


Higher Education for Women in India - Choices and Challenges

Nandita Singh


Multicultralism: Bridging ethnicity, culture, religion and reace

Leo Driedger


Only a few reflections on the western culture

Jiří V. Musil

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