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Vol 2009 no 2

Vol 2009 no 2


The Dichotomy of Rossetti’s Apologetics
Carol Chambers Gibson, English Professor, Kilgore College


Home-Schooling in Oldtown:  The Education of a Virtuous Citizenry
William L. Howard, Professor of English, Chicago State University


Robert Frost: Devout Pagan
Nancy Nahra, Professor of Humanities, Champlain College


Science and Religion


Darwin, the Galapagos and God:  A Biologist’s Journey and Dilemmas
Patricia T. Bradt and Rev. Peter A. Pettit


The River of Life: A Genetic Perspective on Macroevolution
Sankar Chatterjee, Paul Whitfield Horn Professor of Geosciences, Texas Tech University, Lubbock


Meme-Splicing: Promoting in Science Virtues and Behaviors Traditionally Associated with Other Cultures
Matthew William Pankhurst Griffiths, Coordinator of Physics, University of New Haven


A Legal Perspective on Conflicts Involving Religious Communities
Scott C. Idleman, Professor, Marquette University Law School


A Discourse on No Discourse 9/11: Western Intellectuals and Muslim Intellectuals
Husain Kassim, Department of Philosophy, University of Central Florida


Shura/Consultation: A Strategy For Governance
Donald Francisco Casanova Mansir, Associate Professor, Saint Mary’s College of California


Gateway to Cultural Evolution—The Catholic Church in Jiangmen, China
Isabella Notar, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History, Mount Saint Mary’s University


The Cosmological Inversion: Sacred and Secular Constructs of “Faith” and “Belief”
John Roemischer, State University of New York, Plattsburgh, Adjunct Lecturer, Retired


The Empire of God and Evolution
John Wickham, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX


Three Cultures


How We Got Here:  Historical Reflections on the Rifts between Ways of Knowing
Eric A. Hanson, Professor of Music, Seattle Pacific University and Music Director/Conductor, Thalia Symphony


Women and Leadership


Motivation and (Un)Ethical Behavior: Are There Gender Differences?
Jeanette A. Davy, Kenneth J. Smith and Donald L. Rosenberg


Leadership For The New Millennium: More Mama Than Papa
Gloria J. Galanes, Professor, Department of Communication, Missouri State University


Gender Equity and the Dialogical Ethos of the University: Socrates, Schleiermacher and the Transversal Claim of the Conversatorium
John G. Moore, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Director, Honors International Program,

Lander University


Who Does She Think She Is? A Group-Level Theoretical Consideration of Women and Authority in Organizations
Karen L. Proudford, Associate Professor of Management, Morgan State University

Social Justice


Human Rights from a Latin American Perspective
Saulo Jose Casali Bahia, Federal Judge, Professor of Law, Federal University of Bahia, Brazil


Ethiopia in the New Millennium: Issues of Democratic Governance
Solomon Addis Getahun, Assistant Professor of African and African Diaspora History, Central Michigan University


Culture, Government and Markets

Koushik Ghosh, Professor and Co-Chair, Department of Economics, Central Washington University


Human Rights and Socio-Economic Justice: The Global Challenge
Professor Winston Nagan, University of Florida


Canada Opposes The United Nations’ Declaration of 2007 Recognizing the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Is Canada’s Strident Opposition an Anomaly or a Symptom of a Troubling Transformational Shift in Canadian Values?
Terrance P. Power, Professor, Royal Roads University, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Digital Age


The Expanding Government Speech Doctrine in United States Jurisprudence And Its Implications For Internet Privacy And Private Speech
Rita R. Woltz

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