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Vol 2012 no 2



Preschool Education in Belize, Central America
Pamela R. Cook


Sports and Competition in Higher Education: A Search for Values and Ethics
Davide Sciarabba, Contract Professor, Andrews University


The Benefits of the Use of Children’s Literature in English Language and Global Citizenship Education in Japan
Yuji Takenaga


University Curricula in the Global Marketplace: Bridging the Valley Between
Jim I. Unah


Engineering Sustainable Engineers through the Undergraduate Experience
Yvette Pearson Weatherton, Melanie Sattler, Stephen Mattingly, Victoria Chen, Jamie Rogers and Brian Dennis



The Murfreesboro Mosque:  To Build or Not to Build?
Laura Blackwell Clark and Barbara Newman Young


Religious Reflections from the Life of Emily Bronte: The Number Three and its Significance in Wuthering Heights
Janet Crosier


Love and Lumos:  Allusions to God in Harry Potter and its Application to the Lenten Journey within an Anglican parish (COMMENTARY)Victor Krueger-Kischak


Representation of the Divine: God and Satan as Fantastic Characters in the Modern Novel
Anne Loddegaard


The Human Search for Meaning: Scientific and Theological Investigations
Richard H. Morgan


Theological Contradiction and Complementarity between Meritocracy and Amitacracy: Research into the True Way of Human Development and Social Formation
Masanori Matsuda and Naoyuki Ogi


Science and Religion: Drawing the Line
Isidoro Talavera




Preserving Our Freedoms and Civil Liberties, Combating and Preventing Terrorism: The History Of Islam Among Urban Blacks In New Jersey
Mikal Naeem Nash


The Transnational Element During the ‘War on Terrorism,’ 1920-2011
John A. Tures

Women’s Leadership


Mothering Mother Earth; The Power of Women in Modern Third World Reform Movements
Sarah Chloe Burns


“The Necessities of the Hour”: Edith Wharton’s Reluctant Volunteerism
Sharon Kehl Califano


Leadership Qualities of a Warrior Queen
Mary Ann Jordan


Cultural Narratives of Academic Leadership at the Dawn of the 21st Century
Elizabeth Langland


Neo-Colonial Fingerprints of Women at the Rims of Higher Education
A. Myrna Nurse, Associate Professor of English, Delaware State University


‘Critical’ Feminism and ‘Misogyny’ in Philosophy
John Roemischer

Human Rights


Human Rights Types: Separatist To Engaged Religious Variations
Leo Driedger


Human Rights Debate: An Examination of Amartya Sen’s Countervailing Power: Public Reasoning as a Social Instrument  
Santosh C. Saha


Position of the Individual and Absolute Monism:  Case Study on the Children in Hatcliffe Extension
Connie S. Singh

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