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Vol 2007 no 2

Vol 2007 no 2

Education for the future

Education vs. Training in the Twenty First Century

William Brantley Hale

Montessori vs. Traditional Education in the Public Sector:  Seeking Appropriate Comparisons of Academic Achievement

Jane Carol Manner

From Bacon to Bush (Vannevar, not G.W.): Common Ground Between Useful Knowledge and Red Brick Institutions

Elaine Storella

Achieving Student Success in a Regional Public Alternative School Setting Through a Consequence-Based Model

Sue M. Burkholder and Marti Merrit


Global Migration as a Solution to Worker Shortages in Industrialized Economies

Barbara R. Hemme, Instructor, Department of Sociology, William Rainey Harper College


Globalization and its Effect on National Security
Anna D. Simmons

Barbed Wire Enclosed Spaces and Places:  Elites, Ethnic Tensions and Public Policy

Carolyn Calloway-Thomas

Two Patterns of Migration (Nigeria and the United States): Race, Ethnicity, and the Politics of Immigration

Emeka Onwubu

Transmigration: Encountering “Others” in Today’s Pluralistic Nations

Peter Michael Gardner

Nation-building in an inner-city neighborhood: The importance of knowing your history

Bernadette Longo, Angela Dawson and Roopa Sukumaran

Global Response to the U.S. Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 (TVPA) and the Annual Trafficking in Person’s report (TIP) of 2006

Johnny E. McGaha and Nola Theiss

From Latin Americans to Latinos: Latin American Immigration in US: the Unwanted Children

Ana Moraña

Postnationalism, Globalization and the “Post-Mexican Condition” in Roger Bartra

Michael Paul Abeyta

Globalization and Migration in the 21st Century: looking back into the future

Jan Ryan

Dominican-American Writers: Hybridity and Ambivalence

Fernando Valerio-Holguín

State and Race in the Brazilian Empire

Lydia M. Garner


Secular Humanism vs. Religion? The Liberal Democratic Education Tradition and the Battle over Vouchers in the USA

Todd Alan Price

The future of vouchers as educational reform, political strategy, economic solution, and public policy in the United States

Kathleen Sullivan Brown

Science, Religion and Evolution

Ethics of Stem-Cell Research: A Framework for Ethical Dialogue Regarding Sources of Conflict

Francis C. Dane

Stumbling Over a Worldview: Understanding the Root and Meaning of the Controversy between Science and Religion

Joseph Martin

Many Types of Creativity are Evolutionary Processes

Donald B. Pribor

From Epistemological Dissension to Purposeful Accommodation: The Pursuit of Truth in Academia in the Light of the Religion and Science DebateJ. Jerome Prinston

A View from the Pew: Religion and Science from a Pastoral Perspective

Albert J.D. Walsh

A Proposed Model for Defining Common Ground between Science and Religion

Christopher J. Bobkowski

The Evolution of Religious Freedom

James W. Lett

The Influence of Politics on Education and Religion:  How Much Is Too Much?

Gail Lewis and Nikki Schnupp-Harris


When Minorities are the Majority/ A Challenge to Desegregation, the Challenge for Public Education (Minneapolis, A Case Study)

William D. Green

Diversity: The Windows of Opportunity in Overcoming the Academic Achievement Gap Between African-American and White Students and in Overcoming Racially Discriminatory Myths of African American Students in Public Education
Vera Ann McLauchlin

Supporting Diversity and Internationalization through Transformative Learning Experiences

Mary Shepard Wong

Mobilizing Social Capital for Food Security and Poverty Reduction to overcome Religious and Ethnic Hostility: A Preliminary Community based Approach
Emmanuel Babatunde and Kelebogile Setiloane

The Racist American Eugenics Program: A Crime Against Humanity

Earnest N. Bracey

Relationship between Self-image and Attitudes about Working with Other Races

Jo Ann Lee and Jill Scott

 ‘Speak Our Language…Abide by Our Philosophy’: Language & Cultural Assimilation at a U.S. Midwestern High School

Edward J. Brantmeier

Authoritarianism and Resistance to Diversity in The American South

Fred Slocum

The Patriotic-Pragmatic Argument: A Politically Feasible Case for Affirmative Action

Lawrence J. Hanks

Child Psychology

A Historical Review of Research Findings Regarding the Adjustment of U.S. Children to Divorce

Audrey R. Kraynak

Bilingual Education and English as a Second Language

Through a cultural lens, darkly: Revelations on adaptability, perspectives, and applications for language teacher education

Jennifer Eddy

Meeting the Demand for TESL/TEFL Teachers:  An Interdisciplinary Approach to Increasing Program Accessibility and Effectiveness

Catherine A. Smith, Heidi E. Vellenga, Marian Parker and Norman L. Butler

Well Facilitated Shoptalk as Democratic Professional Development for Teachers of English Language Learners

Thomas H. Cunningham and Gary L. Parnell

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education: The Promise, The Challenges

Joanne Sadler

Why Pedagogy Matters: The Importance of Teaching In A Standards-Based Environment

Susan Entz

Women’s Rights

Internationalizing Women’s Rights: Travel Narratives and Identity Formation

Jane Wood

Your Words Betray and Portray You: The Role of Communication in Fostering Gender Discrimination As Illustrated In “The Book(s)” Of Dennis Rodman

Jeffrey Dale Hobbs

Women’s Quest For Rights:  African Feminist Theory In Fiction

Helen Chukwuma

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