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Vol 2010 no 5

Early Childhood

Physical Activity Promotes Academic Achievement and a Healthy Lifestyle when Incorporated into Early Childhood Education

Ben R. Abadie and Stanley P. Brown

Factors Impacting the Child with Behavioral Inhibition

Suzanne R. Hornbuckle

The History of Early Literacy Research and Its Effect on the Project “Enriching a Child’s Literacy Environment (ECLE)”

Ethna R. Reid

The Role of Attachment and Self-Regulation in the Etiology of Residential Treatment of Childhood Sexual Behavior Problems and the Development of Public Policy on Early Childhood Literacy

Barbara E. Simpson

Music and Early Literacy

Paula J. Telesco

Intervention Strategies for Pre-School Students with Special Needs

Gloria H. Zucker

Women and Careers

Women’s Access to Higher Education Leadership: Cultural and Structural Barriers

Julia Ballenger

Barriers To Women’s Progress: Psychology As Basis and Solution

Lorene S. Coward

Inequity in the academy: A case study of factors influencing promotion and compensation in American universities

Lee Fox-Cardamone and Kathryn Wilson

The Female “Rite of Passage” in an American Department of English

Sara Munson Deats

China’s Progress Toward Gender Equity: From Bound Feet to Boundless Possibilities

Linda Serra Hagedorn and Yi (Leaf) Zhang

The Industrial Machine and the Exploitation of Women: The Case of Ciudad Juárez

Melinda Haley

“From la Malinche and Menchú to Modern-Day ‘Mayas’:  Women Forging Paths through the Maze of Higher Education”

Vickie A. Hall

Women In Academia: What Can Be Done To Help Women Achieve Tenure?
Barbara Mandleco

Negotiating the Line Between Masculine and Feminine Rhetoric Within the Academy

Amy Nishimura

Career Stages of Executive Women: The Role of Self in Career Development

Katherine C. Powell

Looking Through Shattered Glass: The Career Trajectories Of Carly Fiorina And Indra Nooyi

Sandra Wagner-Wright

The Evolution of Women’s Roles within the University and the Workplace

Joyce G. Webb

Williams Holistic Approach Model (WHAM): Sustainable University Leadership from the Perspective of a Woman Physicist

Elvira S. Williams

Laws and the Constitution

Challenging Sexual Harassment on Campus

Nancy V. Baker

Morality and Police Conduct: a way forward for ethical policing

Michael G Crowley and Ann-Claire Larsen

The Constitutional Protection of Religious Liberty in the United States

Robert A. Sedler

Appearance Discrimination in America: Weighting for Justice for Women Is Not Enough

Perry Spann

California’s Pot Shot: Legalizing Marijuana for Fun and Profit

Arthur G. Svenson

Arts and Sciences

The Question whether Emotion and Language are Isogenous in Human Evolution: Darwin’s “Language” problem—the Transition from an ‘Existence Metaphysics’ to a ‘Metaphysics of Experience’

John Roemischer

The Correlations in Intellectual Activity between the Arts and Sciences:

Creativity, Construction and Communication
Robert A. Spalletta

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